Land Rover Range Rover Owner's Manuals

The 5th generation of the legendary Range Rover appeared in October 2021. This is a premium luxury SUV that leaves no one indifferent. Big, functional, quiet, powerful, beautiful, safe – these are just some of the epithets that can characterize the 2023 Range Rover.

Key Features

Among the main characteristics that make this car one of the leaders in its segment are the following points:

1. Strong and comfortable suspension that actively smooths out potholes and other road irregularities, making the driver and passengers feel very comfortable in the cabin.
2. Excellent sound isolation – you can talk quite quietly and hear each other even at high speeds.
3. Multimedia system – now there are even separate monitors for the rear passengers, which will allow you to spend time on the trip interesting and exciting.
4. Several rear seat layouts: you can buy a modification of a car with three seats in the second row, or you can purchase an option with two separate seats in the second row.
5. There are modifications not only with massage chairs but also with a refrigerator for drinks and tables for rear passengers.
6. Premium audio system will delight you with excellent sound in different keys.

The car has a huge number of electronic assistants that make operation comfortable and safe: keeping the car in the lane, monitoring blind spots, monitoring the driver’s condition, emergency braking assistance, and much more.

Even though the car turned out to be quite long (the wheelbase in the extended version is 2997 mm), parking is very easy and convenient – this is facilitated by the ability of the rear axle to turn 7 degrees. This solution makes the turning radius of the car less than 11 meters.

Power units

2023 Range Rover is available with different engines:
• Petrol: 400 and 530 horsepower;
• Diesel: 249, 300, and 350 horsepower.

Some engines are offered with an additional hybrid installation, which allows you to operate the car more economically. Gearbox – 8-band automatic.

Main competitors

Among the rivals in this segment, the 2023 Range Rover can be identified: Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus LX, and Audi Q7.