Land Rover Defender Owner's Manuals

Land Rover Defender – this car is a large-sized SUV, which is produced with an SUV body type.


The base power unit is a diesel engine, the volume of which is 2.0 liters, and which is capable of generating 200 horsepower. It works with an automatic transmission with eight steps. All power is transferred to an all-wheel drive. The second unit is also diesel, its volume is 3.0 liters, and it is capable of delivering 249 horsepower. It also works in tandem with an eight-speed automatic. Power goes to all-wheel drive. The petrol top engine is interesting, its volume is 3.0 liters and it is capable of generating 400 horsepower. It is also paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. All power goes to the all-wheel drive.

The exterior looks quite impressive. The silhouette has a square shape very characteristic of most SUVs. In front, rectangular headlights with LED head optics flaunt. The radiator grill has small gaps to allow air to enter. On the stern of the hood, the inscription of the model name “Defender” flaunts across the entire width. The interior of the model, as is typical for Land Rover, is made in a simple style. In front of the driver is a four-spoke steering wheel, which is multifunctional. And behind it is a digital instrument panel. The center console flaunts the screen of the multimedia system. Under it is the control unit for the climate control system. And it has a selector for speed control.

The new Defender will cost a lot to maintain, but in any case, it is much better than its Discovery counterparts. Consumables may not be very expensive, but they must be changed very timely and by the regulations, to avoid more costly repairs in the future.

The main competitors and main classmates include the following cars from other manufacturers: Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, and Toyota Highlander.
The average price for this car varies within 82.158 thousand dollars in the secondary market.