Land Rover Defender turned into a retro SUV

Land Rover Defender turned into a retro SUV

The subsidiary of Project Kahn, the Chelsea Truck Company workshop, which specializes in the modification of British Land Rover and Range Rover SUVs, has presented its latest project – the Heritage Remastered model, made in the retro style of the original Land Rovers. In particular, the modern model was designed in the style of the first-ever production Land Rover, known by its number plate “HUE 166”. The model’s exterior is a special feature.

Please visit this page to find Defender owner’s manuals to view online or download in PDF.

The tuners created a new front bumper with a specific grille in the style of the first Land Rover. This design element is complemented by wheel arch covers, body-colored 22-inch British Heritage RS-Forged wheels, and the retro-style paint job.

All Heritage Remastered models have a roof painted in a contrasting ivory shade, as well as a spare wheel case with the indices “90” or “110” – similar numbers are applied to the grille – depending on the base model, the three-door Defender 90 and the five-door Defender 110.

As for engine modifications and other mechanical tuning, they are not offered at all. As for the interior, the only option is to replace the trim with new Saddle Tan leather or Vintage Cloth Houndstooth material at the customer’s choice.